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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mike Bloomfield - Live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West(1969)

boy does this bring back memories. I had the fortune to see this show live. We had no idea that it was going to be recorded and amongst the dancing, the drugs and the excitement, it is even amazing that I even remeber it. However, what i do remember one fantastic concert that i was pleased to be able to say that I saw Mike play live.
His history in the Chicago blues scene is well known and his respect in that same blues community put him in a class of some of the greatest white american bluesmen of his time. RIP Mike, his passing is a loss to blues lovers around the world and is an ungly example of what the sex drugs and rock and roll world that the 60-s brought forth and also put him in another class. The clas of dead great musicians fallen from grace and this planet but we still have great music to remind us of the better side to that world he/we lived. I cannot get the feeling out of me that when I listen to his music, I know John Belushi is singing with his band since there is a great comparisison between his music and the music the Blues Brothers made famous to the world
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