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Monday, May 22, 2006

Charlie Musslewhite-Tennessee Woman

To me and to many others, Charlie Musslewhite is one of the premier harmonica players of the day. He can play all styles of music equally as well and he can also "jam" with the worlds best at many of the all star venues including movies(bluesbrothers200) benefits(new orleans fund raisers) but he is also a chosen harmonica player for old school players like Hooker.
The year that this was released was the first time I saw charlie musslewhite outa the 6 times I saw him perform live over the years
The album was released in 1968, ah yes a very good year for the blues. The title track Tesnnessee woman is typical 60 blues and rivals even the late great Paul Butterfield. The emotion that the slow swing of that blues feeling on track true leaves a groove of rythym that pulses thru the song on a backing of horns, piano and that tremolo chromatic harmonica style that truly is a signiture of his playing. Lest we never leave out the lead guitar of an unknown player that just seers in the back ground competing with the lead cross harping. Yes you heard me 2 harps. Obviously multi tracked in the studio and very rare to hear in the blues world even today.
track 3. is a nice piece of work featuring keybords harmonics with backing of bass and rums way back there and just features the harp and keys mostly and of course charlies vocal.
Track 4 is everybody needs somebody is a rockin turn with emphasis on strong electric crossharp style and rockin guitar
track 5 is I don't play, I'll be your man someday, sweet strong tune of high powered harp
track 6 christo redemptor is on of charlies most well known slow blues instrumentals that every harmonica player envies and tries to emulate. You feel the blues in this one, but that was the 60;s and the guitar was king so you will hear a some great guitar and even gome great piano but when all is said and done, its charlie musslewhite finishing this tune with just some amazing riffs and then sliding to some jazz beat lead style and then back into the that slow blues but all this cannot be accomplished on a 3 minute song so again very typical 60's is that extended version
12 minute version. I feel that if this song had been released commercially as a 3 minute tune, it would have gotten some fm airplay and put charlie high on the charts
track 7, little by little is a great 12 bar standard swingin tune that allows charlie to show of his blues voice but to show off his chicago blues style.
final track of this lp turned to cd extends that chicago blues style to another deep blues slow tune and would very hard to hear him perform live because he plays harpmonica as a rythym instrument in the background while he sings and then goes into his sweet solos in between
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