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Thursday, February 02, 2006

james blood ulmer-birthright 2005

Here is a bluesman. He don't need nothin but a acoustic guitar. Using a strong reverb effect with the acoustic , he creates an ombience, a mood. By using a tremelo voice in specific areas of his songs, he creates an excitement and more ombience. Thats what the blues is. Feeling, a mood, an ombience if you will.
As harmonica player, he is the ideal mucican to play with and compliment. Of course, its his show, and his creativity but if I were to ever considere doing cover tunes, I might choose one of Jameses songs because of the reality of them all.
More imparticualrily, the 2nd track,"can't take it anymore" is exactly what I am talking about. An acoustic version of "ain't supersticious" is also a pleasure to listen too. "White mans jail" is a stirring example of slow slow blues in which we get to hear awesome picking at points instead of chords give the song more feel and pain. You can tell that Mr. Ulmer likes to show off his skills as a musician when he throws "high Yellow " and "love dance rag"at ya, rather quirky jazz influenced pieces. Whe it comes to "sittin on top of the world" I have never heard a version quite like. I am not sure whether I like it or not, but it is a great piece of work, its just my traditional taste for such a song. "my most favorite thing" is a John lee hookeresque deep in echo/reverb on the guitar and vocals alike type of song The 12th and final track is "devils got to burn". could have been written at the crossroads is a very long song but it one of my favorites off the release. It is very real. seeded in southern evil.
Feb 2, 2006
by Sweet Rickie Lee


Blogger Koen said...

great album, thanx. I think I'm nr. 4 who downloaded it, reason is not that people don't care, but just don't know about your blog! I only found about it this morning through Caesar Tjalbo's....

12:27 AM  

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