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Friday, February 10, 2006

Hubert Sumlin-I know You

Hubert was muddy waters sideman for many many years. When hubert first auditioned, he was told to come back when he could play without a pick. He came back and has never used a pick since.
This was released in 1998 and when he released sold t shirts that said "I ain't done yet" Nothing could be truer. he is a master of the runka runka 12 bar style. leaving spaces for all the other band members to add tasty fills. his first 2 songs here show this then he moves into some slow blues and when I say less is more I really mean it. "thats why I gonna leave" tells a blues story."don't judge a book by its cover" is a nice solo effect by hubert that showcases his guitar playing and that he does."I got it where I want it" and "I'm not your clown" played with a full muddy waters type band 2 guitar and harp player. He then "playes a great version of smokestack Lightning" nest is another nice slow blues with a harp player for so great moody stuff "ve been hurt". His last 3 songs are more runka runka 12 bar with so very classy stuff going on here. to the trained ear of many blues people, they only can say "wow that was nice" Hubert is keeping the muddy style alive and wel so I say thanks hubert