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Thursday, February 02, 2006


this is my first blog site. The sole purpose of this hangout is to review blues albums. These albums/cds/dvds/tapes can be old or new. They can be famous and they can be unknown but they all will have one thing in common. I plan to review these from a musicans point of view and more specifically from the singer/songwriter/harp player. In other words, I AM A HARP PLAYER.
I will review a cd once a week and put that cd on one of the famous free download sites like rapidshare, megaupload, usendit, etc. The reason behind this is to share the blues and to get some feed back on my TASTE.
I can give u a short bio. I was a music lover from the very first day I can remember and sang "16 tons" by Tennesee Ernie Ford when I was 4 and remeber getting all kinds of acompliments and money and this made me feel good. I grew up in Seattle ,Washington and lived there from 1952 to 1971 and then moved to Vancouver, b.c canada for love not because of the war.
I have been fortunate enough to have seen most of the famous old guard of american blues and many of the new guard english blues via the many rock festivals and blues clubs on the west coast. Of couse due to the lifestyle, I only remember the names and not much of the events.
I did not start playing harmonica until my 20's and really only got seriously into playing when I split up with my wife and kids(10, yes 10 kids) and found myself living in my car and on the street. I became a busker(street muscian) and decided that it was time for me to do something that I loved so I played and played and played on the street. I was not that good and my siberian husky got me more money than me because he sang better at the time. I soon started to get better and was going to all the Jams and parties and after hour clubs. Eventually I left the street and went back to the real world where I became proficient in the computer world enough to download so much music, mostly blues. I now have a large collection of mp3 blues music that continues to grow and grow and i hope that I too can make your collection grow and grow..
I enventually joined a band, made a few recordings in the studio but I never have really have taken my personal music to the next level as I feel would get me signed to a label. I am still learning but getting better.

I hope u like my blog. I hope to get it to a stage where you too can help by posting reviews, links to music and downloads and links to sites that can help u become a more knowledgeable blues fan/muscian/


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Hi there!

To have an exclusive Blues Blog, is really great.

Good luck & thx for your effort.

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